Divine Eyebrow Threading


Threading is a completely natural hair removal method and works for all skin types. Threading removes hair by using twisted cotton thread and gently pulling the hair from follicle. Threading does not use any chemical and perform hair removal without contacting skin thus making it the most hygienic procedure to remove unwanted hair. And for this reason, threading is becoming more popular over waxing, especially for those who have sensitive skin for chemicals. Threading is less painful and precise method which creates elegant and well-defined brows to frame your eyes.


  • Threading is a very safe and hygienic technique. The only instrument or tool that touches the skin is the thread, which gets thrown away after use.

  • Threading doesn't expose the skin to any chemical products, which makes this method suitable for all skin types.

  • It is less expensive and least painful way to remove unwanted hair.

  • Threading removes one clean line of hair at once, making it much quicker process to precisely shape your eyebrows.

  • Since threading pulls hair out from follicle, it does not grow as fast and stays in great shape for longer period of time.


Be proud and confident with your shape. Get the best shape possible for your eyebrows and eyelashes.